Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Secret To Our Success

At the risk of sounding like a complete and total Oprah follower (which I suppose I am - if she's talking about things that make sense to me, that is), Hubby and I just finished watching The Secret.

Powerful, meaningful stuff.

As the DVD started, Hubby and I were sitting on the extreme opposite ends of the couch (as is our typical positions - that is, if we're even sitting together at all and not separated by computer and TV).

As the DVD played, we scooted close to each other and snuggled.

By the end of the DVD, Sweetie had joined us, all snuggling closely together.

Also, Hubby's upper back and shoulder, which has been tormenting him for almost a week now, started to feel a little more relaxed, a little less painful - just around the time we were watching the DVD.

And, I swear, for the last several days I've woken up and declared to myself, I will lead a fully aware, fully conscious life.

Conjointly, just yesterday, I ordered an inexpensive product to help me combat a years long habit I've been challenged by. A product that will help rejuvenate myself in the after effects of winning this fight against myself.

Here's to always snuggling on the couch.

Here's to always speaking in positive terms.

Here's to always loving more.

Here's to always attracting wealth into our lives - loving wealth, healthy wealth, a wealth of awareness, and yes, definitely even monetary wealth.

Here's to all the best that life can offer and a wonderfully happy, fulfilling future.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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