Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen Things In Our House Made By My Family

1) My Dad makes stoobles, a cross between a stool and a table.

2) Hubby made this beautiful pub table in a woodworking class last winter.

3) My cousin Tim made these lovely clay soup bowls for us as a wedding gift.

4) Hubby's cousin (a couple times removed) painted this watercolor of Union Station in Worcester, MA.

5) My brother Rob made us this doormat.

6) Hubby built this bench, which now sits right inside our kitchen door. Sweetie calls it her bus.

7) My maternal grandmother was a hobbiest painter and did this watercolor of me when I was a little girl. It now hangs in Sweetie's bedroom.

8) Hubby made me this puzzle box for Christmas a few years ago. It took me a week to solve the riddle, open the box, and get the gift inside. Very cool!

9) Hubby again - he did this pointillism painting back in his college days. It's Neuschwanstein Castle, which was the inspiration for Cinderella's Castle in Disney World.

10) Another one from my brother. He made this lamp as a gift for Hubby this Christmas.

11) Hubby is so talented - even delving into photography! He took this shot when he studied in France for a college semester.

12) My aunt Claudia is a professional artisan - a weaver. She gave us this beautiful rug for our home.

13) And finally, my mom. She knits these, what she calls 'Loves (because they're not quite gloves). I have a few colorful pairs in my house. If you'd like your own, let me know. She's selling them for $6/pair, plus S&H. So warm and cozy!

That's it for my list, but we've got a ton more household items, including a handwoven stair basket from my sister-in-law, as well as several quilts and blankets from either her or my mother-in-law. And outside we have things like our beautiful rock wall, courtesy of my talented and hardworking father-in-law. So many things, yet so little space to post!

Isn't my family talented and creative?! You betcha!

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