Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #45 - The Honesty Edition

Hey! Guess what?! I'm feeling better! I can even, like, climb stairs and stuff now! Still, not too much, but one or twice a day up and down the stairs is definitely manageable if I take my time.

That being said, Sweetie helped me the other day when she and I both took piles of clean laundry upstairs.

Her first trip, all I gave her to carry were some pairs of undies and some socks. When we got to the drop off location (my walk-in closet), I placed my pile of nicely folded clothes down on the floor. And Sweetie tossed her load wildly into the air.

Ugh. But whatever, it's just undies and socks.

We came downstairs for more but, for my part, I was done doing stairs for the day. I gave Sweetie her second pile of clothes and instructed her to take them back to my closet.

But this time, please don't toss the clothes. Just put the pile neatly on top of the pile I left.

Okay, Mom.

A minute or so passed and Sweetie came down the stairs again.

Do you think you can take one more pile for me, Sweetie?

Sure, Mom... But, well.... I really need to talk to you for a minute.

Okay, come here. (she scampers to my side)

What would you like to talk about?

Then, after a moment's hesitation, and with an impish smile on her face, she whispers to me,

Well, I ..... I tossed it!


You did? Well, thanks for telling me the truth, but you shouldn't have done that. I wanted you not to toss my clothes. Can you try again to do it the right way?


This last time, she proudly proclaimed that she did it nicely.

Thanks so much, Sweetie.


Sweetie recently got a new board book. It came with a dry erase pen and has lots of activities for pre-schoolers to do and learn from.

After she went through the book once, she was ready for me to clean off the marker so she could start again.

Against my better judgement (i.e. - too lazy/sore to get up and get a damp towel), I just used my "mom spit" to clean up the markings, Sweetie watching intently the whole time.

And so, since then, we have Sweetie using her own (Sweetie) water and (Sweetie) soap (except she uses her real name when she says it), to make lots of different things clean and shiny - from her face, to a mess on the table, to (hopelessly) trying to erase crayon markings on paper.


I was typing at the computer the other day as Sweetie watched one of her T.V. shows. The show ended and she wasn't interested in the next show up. But I knew the channel she needed for another show she'd like.

So, I instructed Sweetie on the fine art of remote control usage (because, remember, I'm lazy), and Sweetie was able to successfully turn it to channel 11 for her next show.

Can I just tell you, she was so proud of herself for learning how to use the remote?! So excited. So much so, in fact, that I believe it was one of the first things she told her Daddy when he got home from work that day.

Daddy! Guess what?! Mommy teached me how to use the remote control all by myself!

Now, if only I can teach her proper grammar.


And finally, this is the card Sweetie made for her Daddy for Valentine's Day.

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Pretty nice, huh?

Yeah, well.. above is only the front of the card.

Here's the back of the card, full of pictures of lots of different things that remind Sweetie of her Daddy. And, I swear, I did not influence her choices at all. This is pure Sweetie here....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Obviously, that diamond shaped guy is Daddy himself.

Over his head, in the upper left corner, is the computer and computer chair (he does tend to spend many an evening in front of that screen)

To the right of that is our pumpkin shaped cookie jar, full of cookies (cuz Daddy sure loves to bake, and eat, cookies!)

Next to that, in the upper right hand corner, is a piece of wood (cuz Daddy's a builder, ya know).

To the right of Daddy's feet - that rectangle with a circle in it - that's the door. And in the lower right hand corner - that's a window. Not sure about the significance of those items, other than maybe she's used to seeing him go out the door to work or to the yard, then watching him out the window.

I don't know what that is to the right of the door.

I added the 2007 myself for posterity.

Oh, and I almost forgot.... That picture along the middle right edge of the card? Above the door and to the right of Daddy's hands? Yeah, that one...

That's the potty.

Ummm..... okaaaayyyyy. Perhaps he does spend a goodly amount of time in there.

Enough time to be notable enough for Sweetie to record, anyway.

Sweetie - at least she's honest. And funny.

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