Friday, February 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Kinda

Thirteen Reasons Why I Didn't Do A Thursday Thirteen List

1) I was tired

2) I'm still sore

3) I'm annoyed that I'm still sore and it's ruling my life

4) I had nothing to list

5) Sweetie was being too crazy

6) I don't know how to post images - like the banner - from my parents' computer

7) Ditto on the images thing - the only 13 things I could think to list would have been pictures, but I couldn't do it from their house

8) Sweetie goes to bed, early, in the room where the computer is

9) To list 13 reasons why my dad kicks tushie would have been mostly repetitive to last week's list

10) I'd rather be doing crossword puzzles

11) Oprah's show yesterday mesmerized me so much that I wasn't able to concentrate on anything else

12) It's too cold in the computer room

13) I just didn't want to

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