Monday, February 26, 2007

Mama Monday #50

Theme: Static

Was going to post a picture of Sweetie's crazy, staticy hair... couldn't get a good shot.

Coulda written about the staticy snow on so many of our former T.V. channels.... been there, done that.

Suppose I could have pulled together a deep, philosophical post on how nice it would be to stay static, in the moment of Sweetie's childhood, while simultaneously wondering what her future holds and being excited to see where life takes her.... don't feel like it/pretty much did that already (but too lazy to find the link(s). Sorry).

I think my weekend of crazy blog-related mishaps has ruined me for wanting to spend much time writing anything here at all.

Oh well. I best get back to the static-laden couch (can you hear the static electricity coursing through our furniture?) and cuddle up with Sweetie.... that is, right after I up the dryness factor in our house by adding more wood to the woodstove. And maybe, in awhile, I'll try to tame Sweetie's hair... not the wild curls of summertime, but the dead, straw-like bird's nest that is wintertime.

All that, after Oprah. At least I can still watch her.

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