Sunday, February 25, 2007

Now Gimme My Stinkin' Oscar

Edited to add that - duh - the links here don't get you anywhere because I password protected my videos. Which I ultimately want and appreciate because I don't want any old fool at Vimeo seeing my Sweetie. But it doesn't obviously do you guys any good at all. At any rate.... I'm done. I'm not taking this post down because it's what I intended to post today. Y'all deserve to know at least that much. But... that's it. I can't waste more time on this. I don't know. Tons of other bloggers out there post their own videos on their sites. Don't know why I can't do it right. Bah. On to bigger and better things


(do you know how many posts I'd have liked to have named Dude!? Or how many posts I could have easily started with that simple exclamation? Many).

Anyway - Dudes! And Dudettes! Hubby and I figured it out. And we also figured out that YouTube stinks and Vimeo is friendlier.

So now I can show you my homemade videos! Trouble is, I still can't figure out the coding for how to embed the videos here on my blog. So I'll have to give you a link instead. Also, for me, said videos are no longer even remotely humorous since I've been looking at them and edititing them and trying to upload them over and over and over and OVER for over a day now. BUT - I can vaguely recall that they were at least mildly amusing when I saw them any of the, oh, first 10 times or so. So, here's hopin' you, my friendly neighborhood blog readers, will get a kick out of 'em.

At any rate y'all can finally see my Sweetie live and in person. That's cool, huh? And you can also hear my own tiny little girl voice. That's always fun, right? (BTW - do you know how many mom blogger videos I've seen by now from other moms and each and every one of them sounds the way I believe I sound to the world? Which is to say, not very good. Very little girl-ish. Very tiny. Oh well - we're all surpised when we hear what our voice really sounds like, I think.. anyway, enough with the rambling, Amy).

First up is my interview with Sweetie in which she answers some of life's important questions. No go, watch, enjoy. I'll wait.....


Oh, hi! Cute, huh? The video did go on a bit from that point, but she honestly didn't say anything that worthy of air time after what you see here.

Next we have Sweetie explaining to me how to play Checkers. Keep in mind, she's never played checkers before. But I think she did an awesome job anyway. Sorry the videograpy is not so great - it's difficult to learn a new game and video tape all at the same time as being too sore.

Now, please excuse me while I go sleep. Or die. Or - shock! - maybe even try to think of something that would actually be mentally stimulating to post here for next time.

Yeah, probably not. Oh well - see you next time!

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