Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #111 - She's Definitely Going To Be A Writer Edition

Or an English teacher. Or poet. Something to do with words... 

Playing with and experimenting with words continues to be a major theme in Sweetie's life:

Hubby put Sweetie to bed the other night and read to her a portion of her current bedtime book - A Little Princess. The last word he read that night happened to be "amiable".

As told to me by Hubby, Sweetie thought this was hilarious!

Amiable?! Like Mama's name? What does that mean?

It means "friendly".

Oh! Ha! I thought you were saying that Amy was a bull!

(Well, technically - I am. My May 20th birthday just barely makes me a Taurus).


Right at bedtime earlier this week, our computer screen caught my eye. It was doing something it had never done before and we're not sure how or why it was doing it then - it showed our photo of Sweetie's sonogram picture, then proceeded to slowly "back up", revealing hundreds of our digital photos, arranged in some sort of pattern. Before too long we saw that this collection of pics were now forming a photomosaic image of yet another of our pictures (which happened to be a picture of a baby Sweetie).

This was super cool to watch and Sweetie was fascinated. We all watched as that baby picture turned into yet another photomosaic image of - yes - another infant Sweetie pic.

Sweetie wanted to keep on watching to see what would happen next, but she needed to go to bed. And anyway, she accidentally jostled the mouse, which stopped the show anyway.

Sweetie agreed to have Daddy take her up to bed then, but was sure to instruct him:

Dad, when you come downstairs, see how you can show the baby makin' pictures again.


According to Sweetie, the word "lawyer" means someone who only has one name.

And the word "trousers" means when you only wear one shoe instead of two.


On Tuesday, Sweetie and I had a pajama day. Later in the morning, I remembered that I had mail I had to send off. I didn't want to go outside in my PJ's, but Sweetie's were cute and I didn't think she'd mind.

Sweetie, can you do me a favor and take this out to the mailbox?

By myself?!


I can take the mail out to the mailbox?! Wow! I've never done that chore before! Wow!

(She was equally as thrilled to retrieve the mail once it was delivered).

When Daddy came home that evening, the first thing out of her mouth to him was,

I got to put the mail in the mailbox!

(For the record, I kept my eye on her the entire time. The mailbox is not far from our front door at all. She did a fine job of her chore).


It was wicked hot here in New England early in the week. So much so that Hubby reluctantly decided to put the air conditioners in (something we'd rather wait as long as possible in the season before installing).

So he put our three in: One in Sweetie's "suite"/playroom off her bedroom, one at the top of our stairs in our "red room", and the last in our living room.

Hubby closed the door to Sweetie's playroom before he left, so the cool air from that A/C would stay contained in her bedroom area.

Cut to later that night at Sweetie's bedtime. I took her upstairs, with her running ahead of me as fast as she can - as usual.

And then?


Ow!... I didn't know the door was closed!

Ha! We all had a good laugh over that one. Even Sweetie thought her running into the door at full force was pretty darn funny.

The girl's got a great sense of humor.... usually. :)

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