Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #112

Our little Decoder Girl has been hard at work again.

The Scene:

Last night, our living room. Sweetie is lost in her own world, busily coloring/doodling away in her coloring books - an engrossing, favorite new activity of hers. 

Hubby and I are seated on the couch, with some such "entertainment" flashing itself across the T.V. screen. Hubby asks me if I want to watch our latest Netflix arrival later, to which I say yes. Then he mentions how he's thinking of making "a mocha chocka naka naka" (translation - a smoothie drink, made with coffee flavored ice cream and chocolate sauce) later. (translation - after Sweetie goes to bed. She's such a mooch! - it's best just to sometimes leave her out of the smoothie equation).

So that was that. Sweetie sat, still concentrating on her coloring. Hubby and I watched T.V. 

Then, about 15-20 minutes later, Sweetie gets up, climbs up on her Daddy, and says:

So, Daddy. what's a mocha chocka naka naka?

(I start to laugh, almost beyond control. Hubby tries to stifle his laughs as he answers).

Nothing, Sweetie. I was just teasing Mommy about something.

Oh.... So you're going to make smoothies, then?

Yeah.... Maybe. I don't know yet. It was just an idea.

(For the record... Hubby did make smoothies after Sweetie went to bed - while we watched the movie - and they were delicious as always).


Mama? If Daddy spun me around and around and around, that would be an easier way to get my pants off if we were outside.

Oh yeah? Outside?

Yeah... if we were camping....

(me, thinking where in the world did she come up with that).

.... and then it would be funny so we'd be on America's Funniest Home Videos.



Sweetie's Merry UnBirthday Party is tomorrow. Invited kids have been instructed to dress up as Wonderland characters, if they'd like. But Sweetie is going to be Alice. Although I never directly instructed any parent that Sweetie is to be the only Alice, the invitation I sent out certainly implies this.

So a couple days ago I emailed one of my new friends - the mom of one of Sweetie's friends who'll be a guest at her party. I asked my friend what her daughter was going to be dressing as.

She said Alice.

Concerned that Sweetie would be upset to have another Alice at her party besides herself, I cautiously informed her what H______'s costume plan was.

Thankfully, instead of being upset, Sweetie was actually excited, making a whole new plan of things:

Now the party will be renamed to - Alice In Wonderland 2: Double Trouble!

Ha! But, in the end - it is not to be. My friend emailed later, apologizing that she told me the wrong thing. H______ will be dressing as the White Rabbit instead.

Another instance where now I thought Sweetie would be upset that there wouldn't be two Alices. But, no - whatever. She's fine with whatever each kid decides to dress up as.

Let's just hope that proves true tomorrow. Cuz' we all know how particular Sweetie is! Who knows what may happen if, say, there are two Mad Hatters at her party. Oh, the horrors!

Wish us luck! And no rain! (Or at least not as much rain as they say there's going to be.... Oy.)

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