Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Wonderful Day

Today has been productive. I sent Sweetie off to my mom's for the day so I could get some important things checked off my TO DO list. Things like:

Job Hunting (check!)

Email Resume to Several Places I've Been Meaning to Contact (check!)

Email People I've Been Meaning to Contact (check!)

Set Up a Profile on (check!)

Respond to Emails Recently Received (check!)

Write (as we speak)

Clean (I'm working on it)

Locate Where I Can Purchase Heart Shaped Lollipops (I have a call in to a local candy shop)

Locate Where I Can Get a Mad Hatter Hat (I'm working on it)

Give Up Any Hope For Finding Blue & White Striped Tights (Done. We Don't Need No Stinkin' Tights!)

Oh! Hi there! Did I forget to tell you that Sweetie's Merry UnBirthday Alice In Wonderland Themed Half Birthday Party is next weekend?

I did? Huh. How did I let that slip by so stealthily?

So, uh... yeah! We're all in Party Mode around these parts! It's going to be quite the shindig!

The kids will play Pin The Smile on the Cheshire Cat.

Croquet will be set up to "play" (as well as 15+ small children are able to and/or are interested in playing croquet).

We'll have a "Painting the Roses Red" (or whatever ol' color you want) activity.

Kids will be dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland.

There will be a "Looking Glass" (frame) for the kids to walk through.

And we'll all be nestled in my parents' big, wooded backyard - complete with wooden stumps for the kids to sit on (Sweetie - I mean Alice - will have a special mushroom-shaped stump) at a long table, where we'll dine on a 1/2 birthday cake (literally - I'll post pictures), apple juice "tea" and various other snacks.

Geesh! This is the most elaborate event I've ever planned! 

(Okay, maybe our wedding was more elaborate. But still - this is pretty big stuff here!).

Sweetie is very excited. Heck! I'm very excited! Even Hubby and my parents seem more than willing to help out and make this party rock! And Sweetie's Alice dress has been lent to us courtesy of Grammy and Grampy. 

What a family affair!

Let's all just pray for good weather, though - m'kay?! Because although I did learn from our wedding that "you must have backup!"... uhhhh.... we don't so much have a back up.

My parent's basement is pretty big... But it just won't have the same "wonder" inspiring environment....

Pictures to come. I promise!

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