Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy. Content. Not Complacent

Life is good. I feel good. I'm no longer stressed. I'm no longer concerned. Things are as they are meant to be for me and my family at this time.

Nothing has changed in terms of my state of employment or lack thereof. I continue to look and I continue to put my best self forward in order to find the best fit for me. I simply have relaxed in my outlook. And I've made some important discoveries and realizations.

I've applied for reasonably priced health insurance for myself and Hubby.

I've applied for even more reasonably priced health insurance for Sweetie.

I've filled out unemployment compensation forms which, if approved, will continue to provide sufficient income for me for many, many weeks - if need be.

I've done what I can to secure my family's current financial and insurance needs. I am happy.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Sweetie. Yes, we've driven each other crazy on more than a few occasions. Yes, I still struggle with balancing my own daily needs combined with Sweetie's daily desires to spend time with me. But for the most part, we have developed quite a nice little situation. Working from my home yet being available and ready for any of Sweetie's whimsies feels good and right. At least for now. I am content.

Hubby and I are reconnecting. We're talking more. Playing more. Laughing more. Understanding more. Relating more. We both are happy. We both are content.

And as for that job search - like I said, I'm still actively at it. I check the online job postings every morning and a few times throughout the day. I apply to certain jobs that catch my eye, that make me feel something, that I feel I would both love to do and would perform well. But I no longer sit, stare and sweat about finding the job, knowing full well that when I'm ready for it, it will be there for me to grab. Nor do I feel compelled to find any job just to have a steady income. I do not want just any job. That has always been the case and that remains the case. I will not settle. I will not be complacent. Not in my search for employment. And not in terms of accepting employment just anywhere.

Everything is good. I am not lost, nor are my goals, faith and dreams. Because I know I'm here. And I will find and be found for the right situation at the right time. 

I'm Happy. I'm Content. I Will Never Be Complacent.

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