Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I've Got A Secret...

... and it's not a happy one, I'm afraid.

Pssst... Come close... closer... good. Here goes....

The the family across the street - with all those girls Sweetie has befriended - is moving. Next month. Down south.


I know this, as the mom told me a few weeks ago shortly (I assume) after they found out themselves. But Sweetie doesn't know this. 

At least I don't think she knows.

Unless the girls themselves have mentioned to Sweetie about their impending move (something that family is very used to - they've moved many times over the years, all - I think - related to the dad's line of work), then she doesn't know. I haven't told her.

And I don't know how I'm going to tell her. Or when.

Because, you know? Sweetie loves these girls! She is almost constantly on the lookout for them. Any slight movement out our windows or giggling noises wafting from across the street, and Sweetie is right there. Stopping whatever activity she's currently engrossed in, and asking - nay, pleading - to be allowed to go play with them.

But soon, they're moving away. And Sweetie, I fear, will be crushed.

How do I tell her that her friends are moving? She hasn't known anyone to move anywhere yet. Will she even understand the full extent of what it means to move away?

When do I tell her? Now, so that she has time to get used to it? Much closer to when they actually leave? Not at all? Will the girls themselves tell Sweetie? I'd think they would. But who knows? Perhaps they're so used to moving that it's no huge deal to them. Certainly not a big enough deal that a 6 and 4 year old would think to tell their little Sweetie friend about. But then again... No matter what, moving is a pretty big deal. I think so, anyway.

Then, once their gone. Then what? Sweetie is a good reader and beginning to be a decent enough writer. But still, I think she's not really ready to be a pen pal. But - emailing. That's something, I suppose. Perhaps Sweetie will be excited to stay in touch with her friends online. 

Still, it's hard to tell how Sweetie will take the news - however or whenever it's presented. I mean, I thought she'd be devastated when I so abruptly took her out of pre-school. But, eh. Not so much. And as for her "big girl" friend, J____, who she saw all the time as a baby and toddler, but now not nearly as often... yes, she certainly asks about her still. But not too much. She doesn't seem desperate to see her or not. She knows they're friends regardless.

Anyway. I just don't know. I want to tell Sweetie what's going on. But I don't know if this is a serious, sit-down-and-listen-close conversation, or a hey-by-the-way situation. Certainly, once they have moved away, you can be sure that I'll pay close attention to Sweetie and be here to help her through the change if need be.

I'm just not sure what's the best thing to do for her now...

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