Monday, July 28, 2008

Mama Monday #34.1

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Hi, and welcome to the third month anniversary of my work lay-off. Yee haw!

On Friday, late afternoon, I was scared. And upset. I didn't know what to do or how to proceed. I thought I had few to no options in terms of health insurance for Hubby and I.

On Saturday I was even more concerned. Now the company I turned to for Sweetie's coverage was telling me - via a letter in my snail mail - they didn't have all the paperwork they needed from me to process the application. And I only had a few days to get everything to them.

Great. Now we're all in a pickle. A much more urgent and specific pickle, at that. Suddenly, the thing that must absolutely happen practically immediately is my finding a job. A full time job. A good job with benefits for my whole family. And those benefits must kick in right away. Otherwise, we're potentially looking at a whole bunch of problems. Maybe not for Hubby and Sweetie so much. But for me. My "pre-existing condition", if left uninsured for any length of time, may create a hurdle in my application for group insurance once I am gainfully employed.

So that part-time job I just applied for? The one I worked so hard to get my application packet in within a timely manner? The one that seems so interesting to me? The one that's only downfall is its part-time hours, but that's okay - it's work I would potentially love? Yeah - well, I can just forget about that. No benefits = no chance I can even consider taking it. (Not that I've even been called in for an interview at this point, mind you. But you know... Thinking ahead....)

Then I got in contact with another insurance agent. An agent that works for a company that specifically helps people with "pre-existing conditions" find affordable insurance. He'll be speaking with Hubby and I tomorrow, going over all our options. He'll have info on plans suitable just for me, ones that would include both Hubby and I, and even plans for all three of us. He understands my timing issues. He's very confident that he can find a suitable plan for us and get everything turned around quickly, leaving no gap in coverage for any of us. Great!

I've also since talked to the rep at the organization I'm dealing with for Sweetie's insurance coverage. Turns out that letter was sent to me in error. They have everything the need to process the application. Still, it may take over a month before a decision is made there. So perhaps going with a family plan will be our best, and quickest option after all.

Now I can be hopeful that maybe, just maybe, I will be contacted for an interview for that part time position. And now I can be excited for my full time job interview I have scheduled tomorrow. Not because I feel an urgent need that I HAVE TO get this job. But simply because it honestly seems like a very interesting job that would keep me engaged, keeping me busy doing fascinating work.

One day despair, doom and gloom. The next, completely at ease and looking forward to a world of great possibilities.

No, it's sure not fun to be on the gloomy side of the scale. But without the despair, you can't appreciate the hopeful side quite so readily.

Enjoy the extremes of life! It's all good. It all makes us stronger. It all keeps us real, keeps us focused, and keeps us moving forward.

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