Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #116 - Hard-Headed Edition

So I'm sure Sweetie said some hilarious things this week. I know she did, because I remember laughing. But, uh... I don't remember what she said that made me laugh so much.

Well, I did write down one funny thing she said. But when I went back to reread it, it just wasn't as funny anymore.

That made me realize that it's a good possibility that lots of what I write here at Sweetie Saturday is a heck of a lot funnier to me - and possibly my friends and family who actually know Sweetie - than to the majority of my readers. Sorry about that.

But I will tell you this - and I imagine you can at least appreciate the following and how similar activities play out in your own homes...

I love my morning routine with Sweetie.

She's always told she can come to our room at 7 or 8 a.m. And so most of the time that translates into 7:00 a.m. exactly. As if she's been awake in her room for a long time, just waiting for her large digital clock to switch to 7:00. But lately, we've seen a few days at the other extreme. Days when she doesn't come into my room until 8:00 a.m. or even later. I think earlier this week I didn't see her until 8:20. That was awesome!

No matter when she comes in to greet me, she's always full of energy and happily wishes me a Good Morning, Mama. And then she climbs in my bed and cuddles with me, quietly allowing me a few more minutes of rest before she starts asking me to get up.

When I do get up. Sweetie goes out to our upstairs "red room" (a den-like area) and turns on the T.V. there, settling into her Winnie-The-Pooh chair and watching PBS children's programming until I'm dressed and ready to go downstairs.

Then we do just that - head downstairs. This is when Sweetie races around to the kitchen the long way, while I take the more direct route. She's in charge of getting her morning breakfast bar while I prepare her chocolate milk. In the meantime, Sweetie has already made it back to the living room where she's straightened the couch pillows and turned on the light (should I ever happen to get downstairs before her, I am NOT to turn on any lights or the T.V. That is her job! Yes, she's stubborn as all get out. But I understand stubborn, as it's my trait as well. Plus, it's just she and I in these cases. I prefer to abide by her silly rules rather than cause a tantrum by doing things wrong). Sweetie has also positioned herself just so, allowing me enough room to squeeze into my corner of the couch.

I turn on the T.V. Sweetie drinks her milk while cuddling with me. Then she asks me to please open her breakfast bar - being careful that I open it from the correct end, so as not to rip the picture of her fruit friend on the packaging.

Just a few more minutes of cuddling and then I'm up and over to the computer, to the kitchen, to the laundry room - whatever. Our day is about to get started in earnest.

But that quiet little while to start our day is really nice...

... until this morning, that is, when Sweetie climbed into bed with me and, in attempting to settle down comfortably (with me moving around at the same time to compensate for her presence), proceeded to headbutt me. The back of her head met the front right of my head - just by my eyebrow - with a mighty clunk.

Ouch. Major. For both of us. I think I'm actually going to end up with a black eye. 

Warning: two hard-headed women are a dangerous combination in almost every situation. Be careful out there...

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