Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #114

Now this is a twist! Right this minute, as I write this, Sweetie is up in her room reading a book. I mean, actually reading it! Usually she nags me to wake up then, while I'm in the bathroom getting ready for the day, Sweetie either snuggles in our bed next to Daddy or she quietly watches a cartoon on our upstairs T.V. 

But today? She suggested to me - Hey Mom. How about instead of me watching T.V. while you get dressed, I read Corduroy instead?  


Then? When I was all set to come downstairs, she informs me she's still reading.

That's fine. Take as long as you like. I'll be downstairs.




The above was much different than wake up time a few days ago.

Sweetie comes bounding into our room, full of energy (no, that's not the "different" part). When I finally get up, she waits for me while talking with Daddy (who's desperately trying to still sleep). *

Anyway, she rambles on and on to Hubby about something, asking questions about the shirt he's wearing - a shirt I guess she'd never seen before. As Hubby later told me, Sweetie was telling him how much she liked his shirt (Thank you Sweetie), asking where it came from (college), if he got the shirt back when she was a baby (no - before that), if he got the shirt when she was in my belly (no - before that)... and then the big one:

And, how did I get in Mama's belly anyway? Did she eat me without chewing? Or was there a tiny door I crawled in?

Hubby - still exhausted and only desiring a few more minutes of sleep:

I don't know. I'm too tired.

Then, when I'm done in the bathroom and ready to go downstairs with her, she starts right in with:

Mama, how did I get in your belly again? I forgot. (seems she's somewhat recently asked her my mom the same question. I don't recall exactly what my mom gave as an answer).

My answer? Don't worry about it, Sweetie. 

Yeah - Hubby and I are soooooo prepared for this line of questioning, ya think?


I still love the way Sweetie says a few things.

She has a roundish pillow which she calls her bally ball (I know she's thinking she's saying volley ball).

And when something happens that she didn't intend, she says she "did it by an accident" (instead of the more simple "I did it by accident"). That added "an" always has to be there. And since she's always said it this way, I've gotten very used to it and started to say it that way sometimes as well.


Finally, Sweetie, Hubby and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Independence Day weekend. Enjoy!



* Sweetie came downstairs from her reading at this point, making me take a brief break from my writing. Still, she was up there for a good 5-10 minutes past when I came downstairs for the day!

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