Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #115

I have to put my shoes on, Mama, so when I run around, I won't stubborn my toes.


Hubby and I are now reading The Magic Treehouse series to Sweetie at bedtime. We've finished the first book and, earlier this week, Hubby started the second one - The Knight at Dawn.

Well, you know Sweetie and her love of homophones! So we thought we could really impress her with telling her the difference between Knight and Night. But we asked her first if she knew the difference.

Yep. She knew the definition of Night just fine. And as for Knight? Easy peasy!

That's a metal man!


Speaking of The Magic Treehouse stories - Sweetie received the first four books as a gift at her half birthday party. Her friend I____ from pre-school gave them to her. His mom told me how much I____ loves these stories, and she knows that Sweetie and he would often play adventures together at school. So she thought Sweetie would really love them too.

Well, no surprise - Sweetie does love them!

Just as she and I were starting the first pages of the first book and we learned that we were going to hear the story of siblings Jack and Annie, Sweetie turned to me and asked,

Oh! So this is a Jack and Annie story?

Yes, I guess so. What do you mean? What do you know about Jack and Annie stories?

Nothing. It's just that whenever I____ and I played outside at school, we'd play that we were Jack and Annie.

Huh? How about that?


So the Jack and Annie inspired play at school was obviously all I____'s idea, since Sweetie didn't yet know the wonders of The Magic Treehouse books. But Sweetie sure has more than her fair share of play direction closer to home.

Every time she comes home from playing with K_____ and H_____, the girls across the street, I ask her what they played. The answer is almost always Super (Sweetie). Then Sweetie proceeds to tell me the whole story of what Super (Sweetie) did, who she saved, and what evil person she took care of.

At one point I had to ask:

Don't you ever play Super K______ or Super H_______?

(without even skipping a beat, Sweetie answers:)


No. Of course not.


Speaking of Super Sweetie and the neighbors - Hubby and Sweetie went out to see the Forth of July fireworks display our neighbor's set off in celebration of the holiday.

At one point a beautiful display went off, but was blocked by the surrounding trees. All the neighbor kids and their parents told Sweetie to run to an open spot for a better view.

Run! they said. Run fast like Super (Sweetie)!


I love the way Sweetie says the word curious. The way she pronounces it, it sounds much more like this - kyearious

She's also been telling us lately how clever we are.

Ooh. Good move, (in the game) Mama. Very clever. Very, very clever.

You're very clever too, Super Sweetie. We love your great kyeariosity. 

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