Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #117 - Other People's Funnies Edition

Sweetie's latest favorite phrase is - that is - used to clarify whatever statement she just made.

How old are you, Sweetie?

I'm 5! And I'm going to Kindergarten! ...Well, I will go to Kindergarten in the fall, that is.


The other day, late afternoon, I was sitting at our kitchen table, talking to Hubby about one thing or another. Sweetie was milling around - playing with her refrigerator words or something. 

Anyway - the shirt I was wearing that day happened to want to list to the side all the time, therefore baring my shoulder and revealing my bra strap.

So I was sitting there, talking to Hubby, when Sweetie wordlessly took notice of my skewed shirt, and calmly, silently came to my "rescue" and straightened me out. This odd moment prompted Hubby to make the following proclamation using his best announcer voice:

(Sweetie B.) - bringing modesty to the household since 5:10 p.m.


During another evening time discussion with Hubby - again with Sweetie in the adjoining-yet-somewhat-distant dining room area - I was attempting to tell him about a humorous passage in the book I'm currently reading: Just Do It. Given the subject matter of this book, I was trying to keep my voice low and choose innocuous words that Sweetie either wouldn't understand or that would completely blow by her - IF she happened to be listening, which I was relatively sure she wasn't. Like I said, she was in the other room and seemingly very involved in whatever art project she was working on.

Now I honestly don't remember what I was going to say to Hubby entirely, as Sweetie didn't even allow me to complete my statement. But I do remember that I ended up having to use the words "porn convention" (which Sweetie - as far as I know - didn't catch) followed closely by the word "swag".

Swag - that's a fun word to say! Especially if it's a word you've never heard before. Especially if you love all sorts of words. Especially if you're a keenly observant Sweetie.

Swaaag?!! What does swag mean?! Swag?!

That's when Hubby and I started laughing and I just didn't feel comfortable continuing with the story.


Sweetie was playing outside last weekend, "helping" Daddy water some plants in the garden. But then the neighbor girls came over and all bets were off - Sweetie was no longer Farmer Girl. It was playtime.

I came outside shortly thereafter, to enjoy the sun and just to be with my family. Sweetie and the girls were skipping around our backyard trying to come up with something to play. 

Then Sweetie had a revelation! She excitedly suggested, as if this thought just miraculously popped into her head for the first time ever:

I know! Let's play Super (Sweetie)!

A dejected sigh came from the girls.

Aaaahhh! No. We ALWAYS play Super (Sweetie).

That's when I made my own suggestion.

Yeah, Sweetie. You guys do always play Super (Sweetie). Why don't you play Super K____ or Super H______ instead?

To which K_____ wholeheartedly agreed.

Yeah! Let's play Super K_____! I haven't played Super K______ since (we lived in) Colorado! Then H______ and I always played Super K______ a lot!


So do you want to know the name of the evil villain who rules over all the Super Sweetie stories?


You read that right. The villain's name is And

I don't get it either.

But he (?) she (?) it (?) was named by the same Sweetie who named her reflection (or other various renderings of herself) Rubberband. And, yes, she still sees Rubberband all the time. She especially likes to say hi to Rubberband whenever we enter a grocery or retail store with security cameras hanging from the ceiling when you first walk in the door. 

Hey - I never claimed she was a normal child. But I'm not saying she's weird either. Just very, VERY creative.

And that's a very good thing. So there. :)-

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