Monday, August 04, 2008

Mama Monday #35.1

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Nice picture, huh? Sweetie reaching out to pet a 13 foot long albino Burmese python. No fear at all. That's my girl!

But... how can she be? Because you'd never catch me voluntarily closer to that thing than need be. Hubby took that picture. I stayed in my seat in the corner of the room, thank you very much.

Not that I saw Hubby jumping at the chance to offer assistance when the animal trainer asked for an adult to help hold up the snake while the kids admired it. Behind his cell phone camera was a comfortable place for him to be.

And what about all those questions she asked! Geesh! The girl's hand was in the air - asking questions or offering up random information - more times than I could count. The poor trainer graciously paused to listen to Sweetie on many, many occasions.

Me? I'm a quiet listener. I always have been. I may have questions, but I figure if I listen long and close enough, I'll learn the answers anyway.

Sweetie would do wise to realize this for herself. That is - open your ears and close your mouth. Stop thinking about what you're trying to ask and, instead, listen to what you're being told. You'll most likely learn a thing or two that way. Trust me.

Hubby is/was also an introvert. He and I - it is safe to say - were always among the shyest in our classes for our entire educational career.

So how the heck did we get such an extroverted, dramatic, expressive little spitfire? How is it even possible for two shy people to make such an exuberant Sweetie?

I'm not sure, but our case is not the only one I've seen like this. Hubby and I are friends with another couple who have always been quieter individuals. But their almost 5- year old daughter is among the bravest, smartest, most articulate and energetic girls I know. She and Sweetie are well suited for each other.

Not that bravery or smarts - or even articulation - has much, if anything to do with how outgoing a person is. Our friends are incredibly smart and I think Hubby and I are as well. 

But the "dance like nobody's watching" thing? Where in the world do these kids get that?!

Likewise - I've seen the opposite to be true. Very outgoing, self-confident parents trying to urge their hidden and wimpering child out from under the table or blanket - to no avail. 

It's a mystery to me, but a mystery I'm happy to wonder about.

I love Sweetie's joy for life. I'm proud of her questioning mind.

I'm often exasperated with her stubbornly structured adherence to the way she feels things are "supposed" to be.

But at least I know where she gets that trait from! 

Yep - she's my Sweetie through and through.

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