Monday, August 11, 2008

Mama Monday #36.1

Theme: Brain

I think Sweetie's brain is going to be both an asset and a hinderance to her when she starts Kindergarten in a few weeks. 

As my regular readers know, she's a very eager learner, constantly curious about so many different things. She loves playing both Detective and Super (Sweetie). Her imagination and creative skills are top notch. I do not believe she'll dislike school in the least, as all these wonderful qualities of hers will only urge her on toward better understanding of the world around her.

However! She already reads so very well - I wonder if she'll be bored with the presumably very basic Kindergarten letter identification curriculum. She's also learning about math and many other subjects. Plus - as I've illustrated here so much lately - she can certainly be much more of a talker than a listener. She thrills at making up her own random "rules" for everyone in the house to follow. 

I hope Sweetie can listen well to her teachers and learn to follow the school's rules just as enthusiastically as she insists we follow hers.

I love Sweetie's brain - always thinking, always wondering, always testing out theories and ideas. I think her brain can and will definitely take her far in her educational career.

I just also think that very same brain of hers is going to get her into a world of trouble in school if she doesn't learn to keep herself, her thoughts and her mouth in check.

Because getting in trouble at school is a whole different thing than getting in trouble at home.

Oh well.... she'll learn. She'll definitely learn...

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