Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #120 - As Seen On TV Edition

It is no secret that Sweetie watches her fair share of television. I generally have no problem with it and, given that we only have a very small number of channels available to us, she's mostly exposed to good ol' PBS childrens' programming. For the most part this means educational and fun kids shows which help teach her everything from reading to math to critical thinking. S'all good.

However, after some recent comments from my dear Sweetie, I'm certainly having my doubts about some of the other, non-PBS programs that flash in front of her eyes.

Exhibit A: (this one not so "bad" - just funny).

(Oh, and for this one you have to remember that Sweetie refers to both her reflection and her shadow as "Rubberband". No one knows exactly why - she just does. Sweetie's reason? Because Rubberband likes to make rubberbands! Duh!).

Like a lot of people, we've been watching Olympic coverage over the last couple weeks. Last week's nighttime coverage happened to feature synchronized diving. 

In an attempt to get Sweetie interested in this sport - and, more importantly, calmed down and resting comfortably on the couch - I urged her to pay attention to the athletes.

See, Sweetie? They're diving together. They have to match. It's like a reflection! It's like Rubberband diving!

Luckily, Sweetie did take notice and was happy to watch. Mission accomplished!

This went on for a few evenings - until "regular" diving took over the time slot.

Look, Sweetie. More diving. But this time it's just the one person. Isn't that cool?!

No! I don't like it! I only like Rubberband Diving!


Exhibit B:

Lunchtime the other day:

Sweetie, come sit at the kitchen table. You're sandwich is ready. 

But Mama, I can't! My favorite cooking show is on!

(Me, thinking: What? Your favorite cooking show? You don't watch cooking shows.)

What? What cooking show?

Then I saw. Cooking show, schmooking show. She was tuned in to the infomercial for the GT Xpress 101. Good stuff, indeed.


Exhibit C:

Dinnertime the other day:

Hubby was working late so Sweetie and I had dinner on our own. We were at the dinner table, but I had The King of Queens still playing on the T.V. Yes, I know. Not the highest level of entertainment. But during the 6 o'clock news hour it's better than listening to the doom and gloom happening worldwide.

Anyway, the T.V.'s on in the background as Sweetie and I are at the dining room table eating. I couldn't see or really even hear the T.V. from my seat, but Sweetie could.

Best I can figure, "Doug" on King of Queens must have been asked what his two favorite things in life were. Because the next thing I know, Sweetie is in her seat talking to herself...

Sex and waffles. Sex and waffles! Sex and waffles!? Mmmm..... that sounds amazing AND delicious!

Ummmm.... yeah. I suppose it does.

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