Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #119 - The Answer Edition

Thanks to her Daddy, Sweetie is ill-informed about a couple (okay - several) things...

She thinks Fear Toxin is when someone unexpectedly pushes all her hair onto her face/into her eyes. 

And she honestly thinks the green husks covering ears of corn are called "green (Sweetie) crazy". Makes sense, after all... there are a few different types of food that include her real name in their names. So why not corn husks too? 


So the other day Sweetie and I were watching one thing or another on T.V. when a commercial came on talking about something that was going to happen in October of this year. This made me think of Halloween.

Pretty much ever since last Halloween, Sweetie has claimed she wants to be a plate for this next Halloween (she's strange - what can I say?) But I hadn't checked in with her on that for some time, so I took the opportunity to ask her then...

What do you want to be for Halloween, again, Sweetie?

(thinks for a few seconds....)

Uhhhh.... I changed my mind. I don't want to be a plate anymore for Halloween.

Oh, no? Okay. Then what do you want to be?

(more serious thinking, followed by a very solemn answer).

Uhhh.... I want to be.... butter.

Butter? You do? Okay.

Yeah! and... (and then she proceeded to explain, in great detail, how exactly her costume would look - including information about how we have to cut leg holes in the bottom of the box, for her legs to go through, otherwise she wouldn't be able to walk and we'd have to carry her everywhere she went trick-or-treating). 

So you want to be a stick of butter, then? Not a tub of butter?

Right. A stick of butter.

Alrighty, then. A stick of butter it is! At least it'll be a pretty easy costume to construct.

Oh! And Hubby and I know just what accompanying costumes we'll don as we all stroll down Keene's Pumpkin Festival in the fall...

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