Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sweetie Saturday #121 - School Girl Edition!

Folks, we have a change of plans for today's Sweetie Saturday. Today we will not be laughing at Sweetie's silly words. No, today we will be admiring Sweetie's transition to School Girl.

Kindergarten started a couple days ago. And you, dear readers, must see some photos documenting this momentous occasion.

First, we have the Day Before School Starts "vacation" pictures - a trip to the beach.


Here we go! Off to the beach!


Ah, but first - a ride on the merry-go-round.


Sweetie and Daddy - heading off to find seaside treasures.

Now - on to the next day - First Day of Kindergarten!


No, Sweetie isn't normally so "faceless". Unfortunately, in terms of this here blog, this is the only "official" First Day of School shot you're going to see of a posing Sweetie. At least I think you can see from her obvious posing - You have to take a picture of me like this so it looks like I'm walking away to school! - what a true ham Sweetie is.


Bye bye, Sweetie! I'll pick you up later! Oh, never mind... she's not listening. Too busy choosing a First Day of School treat.


And last but not least - the complimentary tissues I received right before leaving our baby "alone" in the big, nasty world (for all of not-even-3-full-hours). For the record, I didn't need to use them. In fact, as we drove away and I actually took notice of what was given to me, I said to Hubby...

What are these? Tissues? Why are they handing out tissues? What an odd gift.

Uh, because you're supposed to be crying right now.


But like I said - no tears at all for this threesome. Sweetie was practically jumping out of the car, answering my wishes for her to "Have a great day!" with.

Yes, I will have a great day, Mama! I will!

And so she did. So far so good. Sweetie is lovin' life!

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