Sunday, May 27, 2007

Betcha Can't!

Some Noteworthy Things That Sweetie Can Do, That I Can't

• Use her one foot to push off the shoe on the other foot

• Run around with bare feet all day long

• Eat a bowl full of avocado (Doing so would A- not appeal to me, and B- cause me to have a stomachache because of the latex-like proteins found in them).

• Eat bananas (same reasons)

• Eat as many potatoes as she'd like (I love potatoes but can't eat a lot at once - see latex allergy)

* Take sports lessons of any sort, including dance (haven't signed her up yet, but if she's interested, these are activities she's able to do)

• Walk on her tip toes

• Run

• Jump

• Spin

• Walk on a balance beam

• Go up and down our stairs several times a day.

• Wiggle her toes - and complain about her socks feeling scrunchy.

• Feel when her feet are all crinkly

• Feel with her toes when the bath or swimming water is too cold or hot.

Wow! Isn't she something?! I'm impressed!

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