Sunday, May 06, 2007

Daddy and Sweetie Day (Guest Post)

Hi. Hubby here. I intended to fill in for Amy this morning, but a certain little Sweetie was tying up the computer, entertaining herself with all the games at "peep dot com." ( for the unitiated).

Which allowed me time to wake up with a few cups of coffee and watch "Sunday Morning." Perhaps I'd have been better off loading up on marshmallow peeps, to give me the sugar high I'd need to follow sweetie around for the next ELEVEN hours.

Actually, we had a great day. We played cards, did a little yard work (I got a lovely bouquet of dandelions), then we played hide and seek and tag. Apparently there are new rules to tag, or at least a way around declaring "no tag backs." You must declare "speed tag you're it," and you can't tag the former "it" until after they started running.

So after all that running.... I've got to run.

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