Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #59 - Hot and Bothered Edition

It's hot. I'm bothered (why do people insist on giving me bogus email addresses?!). Let's move on (but, sorry, I'm too miffed and I've already spent too much time at the computer this morning to provide links today - you'll have to just deal....)

Earlier this week I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Laila and Maks from Dancing with the Stars were on, dancing to a popular Tom Jones hit. Sweetie, in the mean time, was getting herself dressed.

Next thing I know, Sweetie is stark naked, running around the house (ALL around the house - upstairs, downstairs, round and round...) singing...

She's a lady! Woah Woah Woah. She's a lady!


Sweetie loves to spend a ton of time at the refrigerator, rearranging her magnets and carrying on imaginary conversations.

This is her latest, impressive magnet construction.

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Wow, Sweetie! That's cool! What is it?

A lock house.

What? What's a lock house?

It's a place for bad people to stay locked up.

And, just to be sure, I just asked her again - What's that you made on the fridge?

A naughty people house.

Now - what the heck are they teaching her at school? How on earth does she know about lock houses? Where'd she come up with that?!


Grammy and Grampy looked after Sweetie for a bit last weekend while Hubby and I went out for my birthday dinner. When we returned, we were told this story:

Sweetie thought Grampy was Papa Dave. She turned to Grampy and started to say....

Papa Daaaaaavvvve.... is at Nana's house!

Nice save, Sweetie. Nice save.


After Sweetie's tubbies, I always comb her hair (of course!). It's pretty much the only time I can guarantee her hair will be neat and presentable.

The other night, after combing her tresses, Sweetie went to see herself in the mirror.

Big mistake. Let the sobbing commense!

Waaaaaahhhh. I don't look good!

What?! What's wrong?! You're beautiful! You have curls - you love your curls!

No! I want circle curls - not floppy curls!

Circle curls - when her whole head is perky and springy. Not floppy curls - when her hair is neatly combed and only the ends of her hair are curly.

Don't worry, Sweetie. It's hot weather now - it's Circle Curls season, Toots. Don't you fret!

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