Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flattered... or Flabbergasted?

I definitely think I'm going with flabbergasted on this one. To put it mildly.

Let me explain....

This year - this month - is the time for me to get my car inspected and registered, renew my license, and renew my handicap placard for our 2nd car.

So, with that, I dropped off my placard renewal form at my doctor's office a couple days ago for him to sign.

Yesterday, I got a call from his nurse:

Nurse: You dropped off this handicap placard form for the doctor to sign. Dr. __________ has looked through your chart and can't see any reason why you would need a placard. They take these things very seriously. Can you tell me why you feel you need this signed?

Me: Ah, because I have spina bifida, a birth defect. I wear leg braces. I walk with a walking stick. He's signed this form for me at least 2 times before!

I could have gone on. But really - need I say more?

Not two hours later, I picked up my signed form.

What the heck?! Granted, my doctor is my doctor pretty much on paper only - I think I've laid eyes on the man exactly once. But, regardless, shouldn't my medical chart be absolutely plastered with SPINA BIFIDA PATIENT information?! Even if I've not been to my general practitioner for spina bifida related issues - my chart should be freakin' littered with this knowledge!

I don't blame the nurse - she was just the messenger, after all. But I do wonder - just how big of an !#*/@ did that doctor feel like when faced with the truth of my situation?

Anyone know a good GP in the southern NH area? Ya know - like one with a brain? And eyes? I definitely am on the search.

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