Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #56 - Busy Weekend Edition

Hi All! Today is Party Day! My Kick Off Event for my TTV business, to be precise. Festivities start this afternoon and there's lots to do before hand! So I've got to make this quick.

(Also, I'm away on a fun Girl's Day Out tomorrow with my book club friends. I'm trying to convince Hubby to write a guest post for me - it remains to be seen if he actually does it or not).

Anyway - back to the Sweetie-ness!

Last weekend was Grampy's birthday. We visited for lunch last Sunday, finishing with a birthday treat of a Strawberry Torte.

We had picked the cake up the day before and Sweetie was excited to see it and taste it.

Sweetie: Oh! A strawberry cake!

Hubby: Actually, it's called a torte. A strawberry torte.

Sweetie: Oh - strawberry torte! "Torte" is French for "cake".

The next day at the party, I thought I'd impress everyone by having Sweetie tell what kind of dessert we'd be having.

Me: Sweetie, what is this dessert called again?

Sweetie: A strawberry....teat!

I thought everyone, including myself, was going to die from laughing! Too funny!


Sweetie is a little backwards:

She thinks, when watching Dancing with the Stars, that the dancers did their best work when they get scores where the numbers all match (regardless of what that number is) or if the numbers are closer to 1 than 10.

When watching American Idol, she often thinks the good singers didn't do so well, while the bad singers did a great job.

And she insists that her Winnie the Pooh is a girl and that her paper ladybug on a stick is a boy.


I picked Sweetie up from school on Thursday, but instead of leaving right away, we hung around to check out the kids' Art Show to benefit The March of Dimes.

Afterwards, on our way home, I asked Sweetie what was the best part of her day today - what was her favorite thing?

I expected her usual answer - nap time (yes, that's a little odd - don't know why she likes nap time so much). But instead she said...

The art show! That was the best part! We saw all the beautiful pictures!

Yes, that was pretty special, Sweetie. Very nice, indeed.

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