Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #58

Yesterday, as we approached Nana's house, a baby deer ran across the road right in front of us. I pointed it out to Sweetie.

Sweetie, did you see that?! A deer!

Yeah! I saw it! That's so amazing!

Yeah, kind of, I guess. But not too extraordinary in these parts. Anyway, it reminded me of another time Sweetie used that particular phrase.

I was trying to email someone, but it just bounced back to me.

I exasperatedly called to Hubby that the email I just wrote immediately bounced back. He didn't hear me, but Sweetie did.

That's so amazing, mom!

Huh?... What? What is?

That! What you said!

Oh.... yeah... totally.....


Sweetie and I were in the car the other day, with her in the back yammering on about one thing or the other. I don't remember exactly what she was talking about, or what my response was. But I said something to the effect of:

You're cute. (or silly, or funny, or whatever....)

Sweetie's answer?

No, I'm a nut!

True, true. That is what I always tell you, isn't it?


It's amazing how much Sweetie picks up, just from playing in a room while other things are going on.

I was watching Chronicle the other night as Sweetie did her own thing, playing and jumping around.

At one point the show went to commercial. But have no fear! Sweetie informed me,

You're watching Chronicle. It'll be right back.

And then again, when we were watching the Go Through The Door Show. Sweetie's bedtime was smack in the middle of the show. I used to be able to convince her, come commercial time, that shows were, in fact, over. But those days seem to be gone. On this night she whined,

But I want to see all 4 stars in one scene!

Too bad, chicky! Off to bed you go!