Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #57

Last night marked a big occasion in Sweetie's life - she drank her bed milk from a sippy cup for the last time. That's right! No more sippy cups! Down with sippy cups! Boo sippy cups and all their potential teeth-flaring evil.

(Yes, she had her 1st dentist appointment a couple months ago. And, yes, the dentist questioned me then about whether or not she sucks or thumb or uses a pacifier. No and No. So what if it took me this long to realize it must be the evil doings of the sippy cups? I'm not perfect - so sue me).

Anyway, we tried to get rid of the cups earlier this week, but Sweetie would have none of it. Take away her beloved sippies?! Oh, the horrors! So instead I showed her the calendar and told her that, come Saturday morning, there'd be no more sippy cups.

Then we counted down the days.

Last night was the last of 'em. We made a big deal of it, with me singing a celebratory song (to the tune of We Are The Champions) and both she and I ceremoniously throwing away a couple of sippy cups each.

Yay! Sweetie was actually excited about the beginning of this new phase in her life. So much so that, after trashing the cups, she said,

Now, lets throw away my big girl plates!


WARNING: This next one is not for the easily offended or delicately sensative reader. In other words - 4 year old potty talk, straight ahead!

We were at my parents' the other day when Sweetie announced she had to go potty. She ran down the hall to the bathroom, then turned and came back, then turned back towards the bathroom, and once again back out.

I thought you had to go potty - go!

But it keeps going back in and out.

(knowing exactly what I was in for, I asked) What keeps going in and out.

Poop! (like, duh, mom).

Then she continued explaining,

It just keeps knocking at the door.

Oh boy. Just go potty already, would ya?


As we were driving home a few nights ago, we were stuck in traffic. A few cars ahead of us in the other lane was a Ford pick up.

Look, Mom. That car has American Idol on it.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You gotta admit - she's an observant little girl.

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