Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Christmas Miracle (with some Give and Take)

Every December since I've known (and worked) with Hubby, he's gotten (in my opinion) overly involved in all things Holiday.

Cookie Swap? Check!

Home-baked goods for the work Christmas Party? Check!

Secret Santa? Check!

Yankee Swap? Check!

Homemade Christmas Cards? Check!

My Hubby - Little Miss (ahem - Mister) Homemaker.

He always loves baking, decorating, crafting and more. He makes the time for it - even if it means adding stress to our lives.

What are we doing this weekend? I've got to bake 4 dozen cookies and put together our cards!

This year, with Hubby not so much at the newspaper anymore, I've felt a sort of holiday freedom that I haven't felt in a very long time.

This year, I'm bringing store bought soda to the Christmas Party!

I am NOT participating in the Cookie Swap!

And the company Secret Santa tradition has been banished in favor of a company donation to a local charity! (No, that one has nothing to do with any decision I made, but still, it helps).

The homemade Christmas cards, though, were still the one hold out. In fact, this very night Hubby was to manipulate a scribbled picture Sweetie recently did into a beautiful Christmas Tree adorned family card.

Well, guess who just emailed me saying he wasn't doing it? Guess who just decided to retire his homemade card making skills?

Yup, that's right. Hubby is done. He's proclaimed that this year, we can simply send store bought cards.

Yahoo! And Amen!

There is one catch, though. We are going to include Sweetie's picture with Santa in at least a few of the cards. And that's not being taken until her birthday, next Wednesday.

So - that's okay. People will get seasonal cards - not Christmas cards. That'll work.

Now - I gotta go. Our house is a mess (as usual) and I've got to get it beautified by Sunday.... For Sweetie's birthday party.... That Hubby and I just decided on Monday we were going to have..... Complete with Curious George pinata, decorations and.... a homemade Curious George cake (that, of course, Hubby is in charge of baking/decorating).

Oh well. Give and take. That's what it's all about.

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