Sunday, December 17, 2006

Scenes From A Birthday Party

Before the masses arrive... All 7 -11 of them... Those wild and crazy grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, ya know....

Yeah, so what? We kinda ran out of the red gel decoration stuff, so Hubby did what he could do.... Just deal with it... and dig that yellow frosting!

Parenting Lesson learned - don't put shiney birthday balloons in the car with your child just before you take her out to look at all the pretty nighttime Christmas decorations. All she'll care about are the balloons.

I sure hope Sweetie and her almost 2-year old cousin (who probably couldn't care less about a stinkin' pinata) have fun opening this baby up. Hopefully her other 3 cousins will show up too to help out.

Also, look closely to the right side of George's body and you'll see the edge of the infamous Advent Calendar which continues to disappoint Sweetie on a daily basis for its gross lack of Christmas Fork images.

Happy Birthday Party Day, Sweetie! Hope you have a fun.


Mom and Dad

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