Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mother Knows Best.... And The Big Count Down

Not that I'm sayin' I told you so or anything, but Sweetie sure seems to like her kitchen a lot more than her Paz Car.

Oh, sure, she thought it was a hoot when Hubby chased her around the house last night with the car, driving it up her toes and whatnot. But all in all, she's much more interested in cooking in her kitchen then playing anything else.

In fact, on Christmas Day when it was time to go to Nana's house, Sweetie didn't want to go. Or, if she had to go, could she take her kitchen too, she wondered.

No! It's way too big to take to Nana's house!

But... maybe we could put it in a HUGE bag and take it with us.

Ummm.... I don't think so.

So she kissed her kitchen goodbye (literally) and we headed on over to my parents' house. Then she wondered if there'd be another kitchen hiding under a blanket with Sweetie's name on it at Nana's house.

Ummm.... I don't think so.

Then she complained a few times while at Nana's house that she wanted to go home to her kitchen.

She was cute at Christmas dinner, though, telling everyone that Santa gave her everything she's always wanted: a Paz Car, a kitchen, a Christmas Fork and High School Musical. Wow! What a lucky, lucky girl!


So, now that Christmas is over, it's time to get back to the real world.... 19 days and counting until my hysterectomy surgery.

I went to my pre-op appointment last Tuesday, where I also went through some urodynamic testing (fun, fun). Those test results showed that I have stress incontinence (sorry - I wasn't going to share so freely - but then I remembered the major point of this blog is to show what I have to go through as a mom with Spina Bifida... so I'm sharing in the hopes that someone else out there can relate). Anyway, my surgeon can fix this problem during my surgery, but it means taking a strip of my abdominal tissue and attaching it near my bladder in some way that I really cannot explain or fully remember at the moment - but, believe me, it will help with my problem. And so, since he'd have to take this skin from my abdomen anyway, he might as well take my uterus abdominally, rather than vaginally (as originally planned).

Okay, then. Whatever. So - maybe two nights in the hospital instead of just one. Other than that, no huge difference in recovery time or post-op "rules". So - let's do it.

About those post-op rules. For one thing, I can't lift anything more than 5 pounds for six weeks! And that includes lifting myself up our stairs! See, physically able people can climb stairs pretty easily, so for the average post-hysterectomy patient, she could climb stairs after about 2 weeks. But I have to really work to get up stairs - pulling myself with my arms to make up for my lacking leg muscles. And so - since that would be pulling more than 5 lbs. up the stairs - they're off limits. At least by myself. Hubby can help me up and down. I just can't do it on my own.

So - I'm getting a bit worried. About taking care of Sweetie. About getting her to bed when Hubby's not here. About having to have Hubby take ample time off from work so that he's here to put her to bed. About having to have my mom over more than she'd probably prefer during the day to help me take care of things. I know she'll do it in a heartbeat. But it's the winter and, even though it hasn't snowed yet, it's bound to snow soon enough. And mom hates driving in the snow. And the dark. And what if it storms so bad and Hubby's not here and the driveway has to be plowed and Sweetie starts a tantrum cuz all she wants to do is go outside in the snow and I can't get the fire going because it's too much lifting and twisting and we run out of hot chocolate and we freeze and no one will be able to get to us and even if they did they'd run from the stench of my not being able to take a bath for 2 weeks post-op coupled with my refusal to take a shower because that's just way too different and stressful and weird for me and OMG!!!!...........

Okay, okay..... deep breathes, everyone.... I've had surgeries before. I've done this a million times. So what if it's been about 8 years since my last trip to the hospital? It's like riding a bike, right? Once you do it once, you've got it down pat forever. Same poop, different type of surgery, right? RIGHT?! Speaking of which, I've never had to do a "bowel regimen" before for any of my other surgeries like I'll have to do the day before this surgery. But, whatever. It's cool. Everything will be okay.

Really - I must chill. I currently am suffering from such a yucky cold (and very painful sore throat that is NOT strep, cuz I just got it checked out today , but the doc gave me medicine anyway - yay!). I need to get better from this yuckiness so I'm in tip top shape on Game Day. The "you-don't-have-strep-throat" doctor told me to get plenty of rest. And so - I'll do that. It's a start, at least. Once I feel better pre-surgery, I'm sure my attitude about the sugery and post-op restrictions will all turn around and things will fall into place very nicely.

Here's hopin', anyway. Here's hopin' like crazy.

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