Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Funnest Days

Hmmmm. Yesterday was the first day in over a month that I did not post anything. And the couple days before that I posted very brief entries. I also feel like I've spent considerably less time at the computer in general over this past weekend - and more time with Sweetie. And I feel so much better for it.

What did Sweetie and I do, you ask? Well, we: went outside to count 100 pebbles for my niece's Early Childhood Education course (all the while Sweetie shouting out bristle! as I call out each number - no, I don't know why). We played train. She was my ribbon girl when I wrapped presents, helping me hold the knots as I tied the bows. I had her draw pictures of her favorite things at Christmas time (a Christmas tree and a Christmas house with an "L" cave you can crawl through). And I helped her write this letter (she dictated, I wrote - except for Santa and her own name, which she did herself - and she drew the pictures):

In the cover shot, that's a picture of Sweetie's grandmother jumping up and saying Yay! In the inside shot, that oval shape with lines in it is a football, because (one of Sweetie's cousins) loves to play football. Above that in the rectangle - that's a card with I (heart) U written on it (sideways). And at the bottom - that's a circle man being happy. Just so you understand the whole scope of the project.... Oh, and of course her message to Santa: Please can you bring me a Paz Car?.... A remote control car with Paz the Penguin and his friends in it. A car that Hubby and I think is silly and too young for Sweetie and something she will become easily bored with. So we didn't get it for her. But yet she's still asking for it from Santa. So of course it has to be gotten. Thanks to Nana for making that possible. Yes - Santa even visits Nana's house.

Anyway - back to what I was saying.... Sweetie and I basically just had a lot of fun together these last few days. Yes, I still let her watch T.V. Probably too much T.V. and videos, actually. But the difference this time was that I didn't leave her to watch it by herself while I sat and typed at the computer. We sat together and watched. We snuggled together and relaxed. We made silly faces at each other. She thought it was a riot to strum my lips as I hummed a high/low tune, then learned how to make music herself by strumming her own lips.

We laughed, played and had fun. It was great.

Too bad I was so abruptly put in my place when I looked through Sweetie's school workbook she brought home yesterday - she did two drawings of her "family": one, titled My Home was labeled Me, Julia and Daddy. And the other, titled My Family and I was labeled I am playing with Daddy, Julia and I. (Julia is one of her best little girl friends). Huh... Not a Mommy in sight.

Of course, I had to ask Sweetie where I was in the picture. She said, You're in the house... making hot chocolate!

Yep, that's me. Always looking out to keep my family well cocoa-fied!

Let's all lift a mug of chocolatey goodness and give a hearty cheer - here's to the Funnest Days!

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