Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #36

Another one of my gotta make this quick posts - we've got cleaning, party prepping, coffee dates, bookstore sing-a-longs and a Christmas house lights holiday tour to get through today...

Did you know that every single time someone asks Sweetie how she's doing, she always has the same answer?

How are you, Sweetie?


Sometimes it's said more enthusiastically than other times. But it's always the same.

We should all take a lesson from her, I think. Enough with the plesantries, everyone. Enough with the, Hi, how are you? - Fine, How are you? stale exchanges.

If you're feeling great, then gosh darn it, let the world know!


Other adult-isms that Sweetie has adopted - albeit not entirely in the correct context (or maybe they are???)

If you ask Sweetie to do something, she'll either happily agree or throw a huge fit. But if you're lucky, the worst she'll do is roll her eyes and say,

Uhhhh! Alriiiight. If you say so!

And if I'm telling someone about something Sweetie's recently done - good, bad or indifferent - when Sweetie is around, she'll often roll her eyes (do we see a pattern here?) and say,

Uhhh! Nobody even cares about that.

Not that y'all even care about all that - but just thought I'd share.

Have a great day!


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