Monday, December 18, 2006

Mama Monday #43

Theme: Tradition

When my dad was a boy, he and his brothers didn't help decorate the Christmas tree. Instead, they would wake up on Christmas morning to find a beautifully decorated tree in their living room, complete with gifts galore underneath and stockings stuffed to the gills.

When my mom was a girl, she and her family decorated their Christmas tree every year on Christmas Eve afternoon. Not a moment sooner.

Likewise, this was the tradition I grew up with. Christmas Eve day was super special because we could finally decorate the tree, topped with a homemade angel my mom had sewn. Then on Christmas morning my brothers and I waited at the top of the stairs while Dad went to "check" if Santa came.

When Hubby was a boy, he and his family put their Christmas decorations out the day after Thanksgiving, but didn't put up the tree until a couple weeks later - about 2 weeks before Christmas.

And what about now? Well, I think we're still trying to work out a true family tradition. Now it's an artificial tree that we put up when we have the time - usually some time in early December.

But we always have some of Hubby's Grampy's punch on hand when we do.

And Sweetie and I always sit at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning and wait for Hubby to announce that Santa had, in fact, stopped by.

So - what about you? When do you put up your tree? What do you top your tree with? Do you have more than one tree decorated? Do you put out Christmas lights on your house? What's the order of things for your family on Christmas Day (we always do stockings first, then a quick breakfast, then on to the gifts). Does Santa leave wrapped or unwrapped gifts at your house? (I grew up with unwrapped Santa gifts. Hubby had either/or, depending on the size of the presents).

Inquiring minds want to know. Please, share your holiday traditions.

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