Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #35

Sweetie's word of the week? - Amazing!

At last weekend's Christmas party, one of the presents she got from Santa was this Suprise Ink Game Book featuring Elmo and Zoe. It's one of those coloring books where the marker only works in the book itself.

Sweetie colored several pictures the other day, all the while exclaiming,

This is amazing! This coloring marker is amazing!

She must have said it 15 times or more!

In fact, all week long she's discovered amazing qualities of several things - too many to remember and report back here. But last night, while watching Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Sweetie was especially impressed with Rudolf's blinking nose.

Rudolf's nose is amazing!


My niece (the one with the Thursday Thirteen wish list - Hi again, Abby!) was helping Sweetie the other day to make a quilt. Or, maybe I should say Sweetie was helping her cousin. I wasn't there, so I can't really be sure, but I think it was a kid's project my niece had to test out for one of her Early Childhood Education classes.

Basically, they just took a thin sheet of colored felt, cut slits in it, then cut other thinner strips of different colored felt to weave in and out of the sheet. Voila! A quilt!

Anyway, my niece must have done one final thing to the quilt, calling it the finishing touch.

That night, as I was tucking Sweetie into bed, I arranged the many warm blankets on top of her. But Sweetie was sure to place the top most blanket in just the perfect way.

There! That's the finishing touch! Just like Abby said!


This morning Sweetie has been helping Daddy sleep on the couch - but not very successfully. She even applied her very own machine to help get the job done - her Sleeper Weeper 3000! (A.K.A., a Christmas-themed throw we have on the back of the couch - that is, whenever Sweetie's not wrapped in it, making a tent with it, or otherwise playing with it).

We've been having a pretty good morning here - until something happened to the Sleeper Weeper 3000. I have no idea what exactly happened to it, but it sent Sweetie into a fitful cry.

Oh well. So much for our peaceful morning....


Sweetie still opens her Advent Calendar door every morning and, everyday, she laments,

Ohhhh. It's not a fork!

This crazy interest has given Hubby an idea.

He happens to have a dollhouse door in his collection of woodworking/craft things. He's going to make a box for Sweetie, using the door as the lid. Then we'll decorate a cheapy plastic spoon all Christmasy-like. On Christmas morning this can be Sweetie's 25th door to open - and she'll finally get her Christmas Fork!

Yay! :)

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