Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Gifts Seen At My Company's Annual Tacky-Junk-From-Your-Own-Home Yankee Swap Gift Exchange Today.

Seriously. I couldn't even try to make this stuff up.

1) A Paper Mache Flamingo Head

2) A Statue of Gollum

3) A Festive Box of Kleenex

4) A Photoshopped Picture Merging The Head Of One Of The Managers Onto The (swimming trunk wearing) Body Of A Co-Worker.

5) Plastic Animatronic Christmas Carolling Frogs Sitting On A Log

6) A "Bugs (Bunny) And Friends Sing The Beatles" CD

7) An Overly Frilly, Lace Covered Wedding Album

8) A Large Candle In The Shape Of An Ugly, Old, Fat Hag

9) A Bowl Of Wax Fruit

10) A 2006 Calendar/Mug/Tea Set Featuring Cutey, Fruity Christmas Angels

11) A Set Of DVDs Featuring Classic TV Shows Such As: The Lucy Show, Benny Hill, and George Burns and Gracie Allen

12) A Royal Blue Sequin & Satin Covered Box (Empty)

13) A Hot Water Bottle Cover In The Shape Of A Fluffy Beret-Wearing Bunny

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