Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #37 - Feelin' Like Crap Edition

I've got a cold. Or the flu. Or just impending, imminent death. I don't exactly know, but I don't like it. Nonetheless, I'm hopped up on meds and ready to "enjoy" three straight days of Christmas Celebration.



After Sweetie's birthday party, I helped her write out some thank you notes. All she had to do was sign her name, which she did just beautifully. But on one card she did add an extra "L" to her name.

Sweetie, you have three "L"'s there. Why'd you do that?

That's the brother "L". He's just visiting.


As is tradition (or, it will be after a few more years of this, anyway), we took Sweetie to see Santa on her birthday to get her picture taken with him. She did very well - she wasn't shy or rude or unwilling to sit with him at all. They took an adorable picture together and she graciously accepted the paper reindeer anters crown Santa presented to her when we said goodbye. Overall, it was a lovely experience.

However, the car ride home afterwards was not. For pretty much the entire drive, Sweetie cried/whined that Santa had given her the wrong thing.

She was upset that Santa didn't give her the Paz Car she's asked him for for Christmas. (Oh, and that's another thing. This Santa asked her twice what she wanted for Christmas, but she was too busy looking around to hear his question. So this added to her sadness in the car - she didn't tell Santa what she wanted.)

It's okay, Sweetie. You wrote Santa a letter, remember? And I sent it off to him, so he does know you want the Paz Car. You have to wait until Christmas Day to see what he brings you. Tonight he just gave all the kids a small little treat. He doesn't have all the real presents to give out until Christmas Day. They're not ready yet. Don't worry about it!

It took several reassuring retellings of this message to finally get her to understand. But this experience definitely made it loud and clear that we MUST have that stupid Paz Car at our house for her to open on Christmas - and not wait for her to get it at Nana's house later that day (which was the original plan).

Lord knows if she doesn't get that car first thing - we'll be in for a very sad little morning.

Yeah - so - obviously a restructuring of presents is in order. Oh well. So what if we arranged for Santa to give her an expensive play kitchen with all the trimmings? All she wants is a silly $30 remote control car.

Hubby and I will just have to put aside our pride. Yes, we may think her kitchen is the Big Deal Present of the day. But Sweetie knows better - for her, that car is IT.

I can't wait to see her face Christmas morning. :)

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