Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sweetie's House

Gonna try to make this quick today - I've got to meet a friend for coffee soon, to discuss the menu for our co-hosted Christmas party next weekend. Then I've got to get home in time to leave for another Christmas party (we have one party each weekend until Christmas!)

So instead of a long post, I thought I'd just give you this picture. I actually could have submitted it for the Seen something strange? question in my meme the other day. But I forgot all about it.

Those are Sweetie's dress up shoes. She took it upon herself to hang them from the lower rungs of Hubby's director's chair. Strange - but cute and funny too.

When I asked her why she did this to her shoes, she answered, Because it's my house. And that's my decorations.

Ohhhh. What she means is that the chair is tucked under our pub table, the underneath of which Sweetie calls her house. That prompted Hubby to note the following:

Underneath the pub table is her house.
Next to the upstairs toilet, at the toilet paper is her closet
Between us in bed, underneath the covers is her hallway
And the kitchen island is her work

Hmmmm. Sweetie's building a pretty impressive space for herself, isn't she?

Well, she's always called our house Noki's house (Noki is one of our cats). So maybe she's trying to create her own little property amongst the larger area.

Good! 'Cuz little does she know, she's getting her very own kitchen for Christmas!

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