Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Annoying Things That Have Happened Within The Last Week

1) I locked Sweetie and I out of our house - at night - and I didn't even have my walking stick with me.

2) We had to walk to the neighbors - in the dark - without my walking stick - on an uneven (but thankfully not busy) road to get to my neighbors' house (where they have a large dog Sweetie wasn't too fond of) where I waited for my FIL to show up with his key to our house.

3) Co-Hosting a Holiday Party for 12 people and having only 2 people (other than the 4 of us hosting) show up.

4) Taking Sweetie to a nighttime Urgent Care appointment because I thought she had a urinary tract infection. Then she was a pure angel at the appointment itself - very outgoing, agreeable and supposedly pain-free. (Turns out she doesn't have an infection.)

5) Being called in to work on Monday evening. The woman who does my job on Mondays had a family emergency so was out. My boss didn't call cuz she figured she could work through my instructions and get my job done. It didn't happen. I actually offered to come in just so I could get it all done on my own time without having to talk her through every little step on the phone.

6) Did I mention I live 40 minutes from work? 1 hour, actually, when you factor in dropping Sweetie off at my parents' house first. Plus we had that evening doctor's appointment to get to.

7) Not knowing how Sweetie hurt herself this past weekend. She fell and got a goose egg on the back of her head - and she won't explain what happened. All I know was there was a big thud and I found her flat on her back on the floor with a small but heavy side table toppled over beside her. The girl can talk - why won't she say what happened?! At any rate - she's fine now.

8) The day before, she hurt her back at my mom's house

9) The day before that - she got adjusted at the chiropractor's office. Figures. And that was her last insurance-covered appointment for the year.

10) Despite a good run of at least a couple months or so, Sweetie seems to be misbehaving more and more these days. I know about the Terrible Two's. And I quickly learned about the Terrible Three's. But I didn't know that 4- years old was such a difficult age! Even threats of Santa not liking naughty girls or possibly cancelling her birthday party this weekend is not enough to set her straight sometimes. Ugh!

11) Anxiously waiting for a Christmas package to arrive - 2 presents I bought for 2 of my nephews. Tonight I just realized that I never placed the order in the first place. And it's getting too late to order it now. (But I think I can find this product in the "real world", so that's good.)

12) Working with the new ad designing program at work. It's a challenge - it slows me down - and my back-up helper who takes my excess work when I'm overloaded cannot help me now since she neither knows or has access to this new program.

13) OMG!!!! Don't let me forget the big one ---- I tried to start a fire in our woodstove this evening, but all the smoke came in the house instead of up the chimney (none of the "settings" were changed on the stove, though, from the last fire we had, which went fine). The house was filled with smoke. Sweetie and I didn't know what to do. The fire alarm started going off. I had to call my dad (20 minutes away) to have him come help me get the alarm to stop beeping. I HATE loud noises, but yet I had to stand under the alarm waving a large book so hopefully it would stop beeping. (It didn't). I finally stood on something so I could reach it to get it down, but I still couldn't figure out how to turn it off/take out the batteries. So I hid it under our blankets on our bed. In the mean time I opened several windows to get the smoke out, so I was really worried the neighbors would hear the alarm (it was going off for about 20-30 minutes by the time I hid it) and rush over to help me (again!). Not that that wouldn't have been nice and great - I just didn't want them helping me (again!) and knowing what a complete fool I obviously am. All is well now, but the house still smells smokey and it's cold in here cuz the windows are open and a fan is going.

Hopefully this next week will be much nicer.

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