Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sweetie Saturday #38

Actually not much to report in Sweetie Saturday land today. She was cute at Christmas Dinner, though.

Ideally, I wanted her to say grace, but that didn't prove to fruitful. She needed lots of prompting to talk about things she was grateful for. But I did ask her if she knew what Christmas was all about.

Christmas is about friends and family.

Amen, Sweetie. You got that right.


Here's something kinda curious....

Sweetie has a riding horse-on-a-stick she's named HardToe

Her one dolly (that she never plays with) is named Baby Cartene

She's decided that her big stuffed animal giraffe is named Melina

But then she's got her old, reliable pals - Bunny and Teddy (and Curious George, of course, but he kinda came with the name, didn't he?).

I just wonder why some of her "friends" have such imaginative names and some of them are so very simple.

That's Sweetie for ya - very dramatic and creative one moment, very cut and dried/practical the next.

Multi-faceted Sweetie - that's my girl!

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