Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Delurking Loser of Invisibly Helpful Droopiness (Duh!)

A little confused by my crazy post title? Well, it's simple - I've got a lot to talk about in only one post. Voila! Thus creating the Crazy Post Title of All-Inclusiveness.

First off - Happy National Delurking Week 2007! The week where everyone who visits but does not typically comment is called out on the carpet - not because you're in trouble or anything. But because we bloggers (me! me!) want to know who reads us and what you're thinking.

In honor of this wonderful week, I'm committed to visit - and comment on - as many new blogs as possible. And I would love it if you did the same - starting with mine! So, without further ado....

If you regularly read me but never seem to leave a comment - now's your chance!

If you're a semi-frequent commenter - hello there, Friend! What's on your mind?

Or if this is your first visit - drop in and say Hi! How ya doin'? What's up?

To all of you - Thanks for visiting - hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to stop back soon and often.

As for the rest of my rambling thoughts - can I just say what a complete loser I am?!

First of all, a coworker lent me a book on tape - oh, about 2 months ago! - and I misplaced it until just this past Monday!

I tried to return it to her this week, since I'll not have enough time to listen to it before I'm gone for 6 weeks recovery. However, nice coworker that she is, she encouraged me to keep the book so I had something to listen to while I'm out. She didn't need it back right now, so it was okay.

Well, guess what? I don't know where it is. I have one more hunch to check out, but if it's not there - it's gone. It's got to be somewhere. I just don't know where. Maybe I'm not meant to listen to this book after all.

Then Sweetie and I stopped to fill the car's gas tank on our way home tonight and - yep. No debit card. Had to put it on the credit card (which I'm trying desperately to stay away from these days). Thankfully, this lost item didn't remain lost too long. When I got home I checked more pockets and it turn up. Phew! That would have been a bad one!

Okay, okay. Maybe I'm not such a total loser after all. But I am kind of feeling a bit invisible these days. Work is preparing for my time away, so new routines and schedules are being set up all around me to cover my duties. But, ya know, I AM still there this week. Yet people are acting as if these new schedules and procedures start now. What, am I supposed to sit in my cubicle and twiddle my thumbs all day? I don't think so.

Well, I guess it's better to see the effects of how things will run while I'm out than to be overwrought with stress and crazy busy work right before my time away.

One place I'm definitely not going to feel like an invisible entity is over at my friend Beth's Club Mom blog. She's starting a new campaign for bloggers to gather together and commit to helping others - specifically, children. She's calling on her readers to join forces with her and promise to do at least one caring act/month to benefit children. She's even providing us with specific challenges to complete and a list of agencies we can go to for even more caring suggestions. Check it out and join us - if you dare to care!

As for me. I already tutor students in all things literary, including study skills and SAT prep, whenever I get the call to do so. And Hubby and I contribute to our local Santa Fund every year in Sweetie's name. This year she gave several of her nearly new/never played with stuffed animals to other kids less fortunate than she. It's a tradition we're excited to keep up, teaching Sweetie to care for others and think about what she can do to help this world out in any way she can.

I'm excited to get on with the Helping and Caring - definitely! But I probably won't be up to doing too much caring for others until after I've taken care of myself post-op. My lower back has been hurting more than usual for the last couple weeks or so (maybe prolapse related???). And I do feel somewhat heavier and droopier than usual (if you know what I mean). Maybe my poor ol' uterus is desperately trying to make its last great break for the big outside world - and so this surgery is coming in just the nick of time. If I had to wait any longer - I don't know what would happen. Best not to think about it and just be grateful that this situation is, once and for all, about to be all taken care of. The end.

That's it. I best be going now. I just need to sit myself on the sofa and chill with Sweetie for a bit. I better not try to accomplish anything too difficult tonight. Heck! I could bearly get us in the house this evening!. It was dark. And cold. and I DID have my keys. But, try as I might, I just couldn't get it to fit in the key hole!

After about FOREVER I finally - wait. for. it. - turned the key over, and in it went. Just like butter.


Now - we're here. We're safe. We're chillin'. Hope you're all doing the same.

(Hey! I have an idea! Why don't you leave me a comment and tell me if that is, in fact, what you're doing! What a concept! Commenting! What will they think of next?)

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