Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

As suggested by my mom - I now present:
13 Reasons My Mom Kicks Tushie
(Boy, this is really hard to keep down to only 13 things!)

1) She's opened her home to myself, Hubby and Sweetie as I recover from surgery

2) Even though she's not feeling well herself, she takes care of me as I recover, as well as any and all of Sweetie's needs, wishes and demands

3) She quietly plays with Sweetie in the other room as I take my daily nap (or two)

4) She cooks and serves me meals on the couch - anything I want

5) She does our laundry

6) She runs our errands

7) She comes home from the store with "treats" for both Sweetie and me

8) She serves me a glass of wine in the evening

9) She gets up with Sweetie in the morning and lets Hubby and I sleep in (if we're able to/so inclined - but mostly, we get up too)

10) She lets me watch American Idol (or pretty much anything else I want) when she'd rather watch history shows, movies or sports

11) She gave Sweetie a really cute, desperately needed, haircut

12) She's a great cheerleader/motivator/caretaker/nurse

13) And she's an awesome Mom, Mother-in-Law and Nana.

Thanks, Mom, for Everything!

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