Monday, January 01, 2007

Mama Monday #44

Theme: Uberlist

Oh, man. A list. An "Uberlist", in fact. I can't deal.

I usually am a list maker. That's not a problem for me. But I'm not a resolution maker. So the idea of an Uberlist of things to do/see/experience in the new year is particularly daunting to me.

I know the point is to list 107 items in this list. Well - that's not going to happen. At least not right away. Keep coming back all week and check out my list as time goes on. I'll add to it when I think of great things to be included.

For now - let's start the list off with things I'd ideally like to accomplish before my hysterectomy in two weeks.

1) Take down the Christmas Tree and other Christmas decorations

2) Remove junk we don't need/want/use from our house - a New Year's cleansing

3) Have my mom over to help Hubby and I resituate our downstairs living space. She's great at coming up with new furniture arrangements - we need a boost

4) Tie up loose ends at work and write an "Uberlist" of responsibilities and instructions for my co-worker who'll be doing my job while I'm out

5) Find time to relax, read my new book I just got for Christmas, and maybe get back into counted-cross stitch projects (that will be something great for me to work on while recovering)

6) Go out to dinner one more time with just Hubby - one last "hurrah" date night before reality of recovery sets in.

7) Make sure bills are all paid up on time so Hubby doesn't have to think about it while I'm out of commission.

8) Really start to work out a plan/schedule for how life is going to be post-surgery. Who can come over when to help me out? What exactly can I do and not do to help myself? Just get as prepared as possible for the aftermath. (Yeah, I know. There's not much I can really prepare for here. I have to actually see what life is like post-surgery before I can know what I'm up for doing or not. But as long as I'm aware that things will definitely have to be much slower/quieter afterwards - that's probably as much mental prep work as I can do.)

9) Do what I can to better prepare Sweetie for her role in my recovery - i.e. - being as helpful as she can be to me and her Daddy, being gentle with me, behaving well for Daddy and I, and getting her to be a bit more independent so she can do what she can on her own. (Yeah - I know - again. This is a huge one. And pretty much nothing but an impossible dream. But at least I can dream, right?)

10) Try not to stress too much - about work, home, surgery, recovery - nothing. Yeah - I really am dreaming now.

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