Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oh Yeah... Sweetie

Enough about me. My temp's down, my mouth sores are healing, I'm walking around. I'm good. 'Nuff said.

Other than a few quick mentions of Sweetie wanting to go home/playing at home for awhile, I haven't really talked about how she's faring with my recovering.

In a word: great.

I've shown her my incision, when it was all taped up, and she was somewhat interested, but not really concerned. Every day she asks me if I'm still sore. She's become a wonderful "braces and shoes retriever" for me, as well as anything else I ask her for. If I call her from the other room to ask her a question or to do something for me, more times than not, she will come to me and answer my requests. She listens well to all her authority figures in the house - Nana, Papa, Mommy and Daddy and even cousin Abby. She announces when she has to go potty, but takes care of it all by herself (other than the occasional help washing her hands). Except for one night of major defiance, she's sleeping well in her new, makeshift bedroom in my mom's office. She spends her days playing school with all her friends, pretending she's Sharkey the dog, watching T.V. or running errands with her Nana. She's eating well. She is great.

Some downfalls - some days she isn't getting dressed until around noon. That has got to stop. Also, she has about - oh, I don't know - 7 to 10 friends she sleeps with now as opposed to her 3 faithful friends at home. Will she miss them all once things are back to normal? There is, of course, some grandparental spoilage of the Sweetie that we can only hope won't be a problem once we're just the three of us again. Then there's the fact that the one regular time each day that the most people are here - me, Hubby, Sweetie, Nana, Papa, our niece and her boyfriend - is in the evening, close to Sweetie's bedtime. So it's difficult to keep her not too riled up. Then we need to all keep pretty quiet once she is tucked in because we're in a Ranch style house and she's sleeping just around the corner from where the rest of us are gathered. But Sweetie's got both a fan (for white noise) and a heater (to combat the cool air of the fan) going in her room and she's behind a closed door to keep out all the sounds. So, so far, so good with all that.

We three are anxious to be home, yes. That looks like it'll happen very soon, which will be nice. But, for the time being, we are all doing well with Nana and Papa. I'm ever so grateful for all the help I'm getting and the quiet nap time I'm able to sneak in. And Sweetie is behaving, for the most part, just wonderfully.

My Sweetie - such a big help, such a big girl.

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