Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sweetie Saturday #42

More with the "what" craziness...

My mom gave Sweetie a bath a few nights ago. Afterwards, while getting her dressed, mom pulled up Sweetie's pajama bottoms without first pulling up her undies.

Laughing at her mistake, mom said to Sweetie...

Is Nana silly, or what?

Ha! Yes, you're silly, Nana. But you're not what.


One great thing about Sweetie - she's easily amused. Case in point.....

When I was in the middle of all my mouth sores suffering, I had Hubby get me some Orejel Medicated Mouth Sore Swabs. To activate a swab, you have to break the tip of one end so that the numbing medicine flows down into the other cotton swab tip.

That evening, as Sweetie was getting ready for bed, she was wondering what her bed game would be this time around. Luckily for us, bed games can be as simple as doing a patty cakes type hand clapping game, telling a couple knock knock jokes, singing a quick song, or whatever. Easy peasy, that's the point.

Quick thinking Mommy to the rescue! I took out one of my mouth swabs, broke the tip, and let her watch the other tip magically change color and fill with medicine.

Watching in absolute amazement, Sweetie proclaimed...

Wow! That's a really, really great bed game!


As this past week went on, Hubby and I (and Sweetie) got more and more anxious to return to the comfort of our own home. We decided that we'd go home Friday (yesterday - yay! We're home! How nice!)

The next morning I said to my mom....

(Hubby) and I think we'll go home Friday.

Then, before mom could answer, Sweetie very seriously and solomnly inquired....

Can I come too?

You sure can, Sweetie. You know it!

Ahhhh.....There's no place like home.


Bonus "Proud Mama" moment....

Another part of Sweetie's bedtime routine is going potty one last time of the day. Because she does this, she's always been able to make it through the night without a bathroom visit.

Well, the other night, when Hubby put her to bed, both Sweetie and Hubby didn't remember to stick to this part of the routine.

And Sweetie hadn't gone potty for hours before this.....

So she went to bed, no big deal. All was well.

Then, at 12:55 am, Sweetie woke up, ran to Nana and Papa's room (thus waking Hubby and I up in the nearby guest room), crying that she needed to go potty.

She made it to the bathroom just fine, did her "thing" and happily/easily went right back to her room, Nana tucking Sweetie tighly into her Dora sleeping bag/inflatable bed. She slept well for the rest of the night.

That's it. That's the whole story. But - wow! I'm just so proud of her that she was able to wake up, recognize her need, ask for help and get the situation resolved without much fuss (other than waking up 4 people in the process).

Great job, Sweetie! You done good. :)

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