Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Feet

This week's MSO theme is "Song". But I'm still too sore.

Too sore to tell you how I sang the chorus of a French song (that I don't know the name of but which happens to have Sweetie's name in it) to her while she was in-utero. I'm too sore to mention that that song continued to be the only song to soothe her in her infancy, or to say how elated Sweetie was as a toddler when we introduced her to the real version of said song on a CD we were given. I'm too sore to tell you how fascinated Sweetie has always been whenever she hears music - any music. Too sore to tell you one of her favorite movies is Grease (or, as she calls it, the "Tubby More movie - think "Tell Me More"/Summer Nights song). And if I wasn't so sore, I'd tell you how much fun she and I have watching the new Grease-themed reality show on T.V. (although if the contestants aren't singing a true Grease song, Sweetie is sure to point that out to me in a very disappointed tone of voice.)

I'm just plain too sore to write much at all.

So - to make up for all that I'm not writing about, here's a video clip of Sweetie's latest favorite song (and movie, even though we haven't actually seen it yet). It's funny to hear her sing this one. She's got the lyrics pretty close, but not really, singing "Baby, Baby, whatcha waitin' for?"

Am I in trouble or what come the teen years!? Oh boy.

Anyway - Enjoy!

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