Sunday, January 21, 2007

Still Here, Still Not Kickin'

Yay! I made it! I stayed regularly dosed with Tylenol yesterday and that helped keep my temp down. But the last time I took that was about 4:15 yesterday afternoon (except for my heavy duty pain killers that I take at bedtime and in the morning - they have some Tylenol in them too). I took my temp just a little while ago and it was only 98.2. Ya hoo! I think (knock on wood) that I'm in the clear.

I'm getting around a little better too. This morning I was able to get myself out of bed and to the couch without assistance. And my middle-of-the-night bathroom trek was not nearly as painful as it's been the previous nights. Pretty good, considering I only took one heavy duty pain killer at bedtime instead of my usual two!

I guess maybe my biggest complaint right now is the sore on the roof of my mouth. I think it must be from the air tube that was there during surgery, although this pain didn't start until a couple days after surgery. But my mom's out shopping this morning and I've asked her to get me some Ambesol or something to numb the pain. Hopefully, that will also get it to heal faster too.

As for Sweetie, she did get to go to Noki's house yesterday with her Daddy. She got to play in her kitchen (- What did you cook in your kitchen, Sweetie? - Chick peas!) and helped gather things to bring back to Nana's while Daddy bottled some homemade beer, did some laundry, fed the cats and prepped some food to bring for dinner. What a guy!

So - we're all doing well. Up until now I haven't felt like reading, playing games or doing much of anything. But this afternoon does seem like a good time to break out the Scrabble board or Blokus as we await the playoff game between the Patriots and the Colts.

(My mom said to me yesterday - Remember, tomorrow it's football! I thought she was (jokingly) saying that I was going to play football. Hah! Good thing, cuz I'm not feeling that well yet! And, quite frankly, I don't think I ever will.)

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