Sunday, January 14, 2007

Isn't It Ironic, Don't Ya Think?

Early this week I started to feel congested again. Not truly coldy, and not even very bothersome. But most noticable when I lay down in bed at night - just congested. Ugh. Not this again.

As the week went on it all got just a little worse, but still manageable. Stil no drippy, stuffy nose. Just an overall feeling of congestion.

Two nights ago, during the overnight hours, my throat hurt so incredibly bad and I felt the worst that I had all week.

Yesterday, I was just plain "blah". Still generally congested, but now with lower back pain and abdominal pain/bloating/soreness/yuck. Okay, so maybe this was more flu-like than cold-like.

Now remember - I'm due to have surgery tomorrow and I'm not to take pretty much any meds for the week leading up to it. But I did talk to the nurse at the hospital on Friday and she said I could take Sudafed for the stuffiness. And I already knew I could take Tylenol for pain (but at that point there was no pain yet).

The nurse went on to say that , if I only had a cold, that would be no problem for surgery - I could still go through with it. But if a fever developed, then I'd have to call the hospital and things would most likely have to be postponed.


But, like I said, that was Friday when I still thought I only had a minor cold. So all, pretty much, was going well and staying on track.

Then I felt the yuck and pain of yesterday's issues. I felt so yucky, in fact, that I cancelled my last date out before surgery with Hubby. Instead we stayed home and had spaghetti. I hardly felt like eating, but I knew I had to have something because today is All Beverages, All The Time day. I'll not have another meal until post-op tomorrow evening.

Anyway.... all this to say that last evening, after taking some Tylenol (had to send Hubby out for some since we're more Advil type folk), I actually started to feel better. But then....

I woke up 2 or 3 times overnight from the pain in my back and in my abdomen. I went to pee a couple times overnight (when I usually make it through the night just fine). And I woke up more than an hour before Hubby or Sweetie because I was in such agony.

I took a hot bath, but it didn't help. I took more Tylenol, but after an hour it still felt bad. I had to have help to get to the bathroom. In short, I'm just miserable.

What? Is this the mother of all UTI's? I've had many UTI's in my life, but it never has felt like this. The coldy portion of my illness seems to have pretty much ceased. So that's good. But I'm just dealing with this horrific, monstrous pain around my middle. Lower back pain worse than it's ever been. Abdominal pain. Just pain.

So I looked up the symptoms of uterine prolapse. Hmmmm. Lower back pain. Abdominal pain. Heaviness. The possibility for a UTI, urinary frequency. The whole lot.

Okay, then. Let's go with that. I'm just feeling the effects of my prolapse. Big time. Finally. Just a couple days before I'm scheduled for surgery to take care of it. Hmmph. Whattayaknow?

Yeah, I suppose it could be a UTI as well. But I've already asked about that in regards to still having surgery. I'll be on so many antibiotics because of the procedure that a UTI would be no problem at all and would be taken care of because of all the meds I'll be on.

So - I just have to get through today. Sweetie is going to my parents by early afternoon so I can stay home and take care of my cleansing regimin ('nuff said. Y'all don't want to know. Seriously). Then it's up to the hospital early tomorrow morning. Soon enough I'll be feeling better.

Who'da thunk, though, that the major soreness we've been telling Sweetie I'd be feeling after surgery would start the weekend before the surgery.

I guess it's time. Gotta go. Not sure when I'll get in front of a computer again, but hopefully I can have Hubby post a brief entry within the next couple days to give you all an update. I'll write again as soon as I can.

Thanks. Take care. I'll see you all again soon.


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