Sunday, January 28, 2007


So much going on!.....

We're home now. Hubby's desperately trying to not come down with a cold (and failing miserably). So I feel like I should do what I can to contribute to daily household living and management (giving Sweetie a tubby last night instead of having Hubby do it? - Probably not one of my brightest ideas).

I have an Audacity Magazine article due now (well, actually, it was due on Jan. 12, but as y'all must realize by now, I was a tad bit preoccupied around that time).

I've got paperwork to fill out for Sweetie for the dentist - paperwork I've had now for several months! Geesh! They said to take my time with it, but this is ridiculous!

I've got our finances to figure out and creatively timed bill payments to dole out into the world.

Hubby's got something wooden he's got to build ASAP for his dad (sorry for my supreme lack of details there - I get lost whenever he starts talking shop).

But first - my in-laws are coming over this afternoon to visit (haven't seen them since Christmas, now that I think about it) and the house is a sty!

I mean it. I know, I know. I so often complain about the sorry state of my house. But this time, even though it truly is a pit of doom, there's not too terribly much I can do to rectify the situation.

I can't vacuum. I can't constantly bend over and pick things up. I can't carry heavy loads of laundry. I can just sit, dictate clean up orders, and fret.

But Sweetie is actually being relatively helpful, putting things away as I ask. And I think Hubby is working on the kitchen clean up. Then he'll definitely have to vacuuum.

I can probably run a sponge over the bathroom sinks and such.

That'll do. I mean - it'll have to.

We warned them that they were welcome to come over, despite the state of our house. And of course they understand I'm under severe physical limitations. So it will all be fine. I guess. It'll have to be.

Until they come, maybe I can finally get to work on that article.

Oh, and a nice shampoo and teeth brushing might just cheer me up a bit too. Yes, that'll do.

Ah, the wonders of personal hygeine! Makes you feel better and makes your visitors that much more pleased to be around you.

Can I get an "Amen"?

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