Monday, January 22, 2007

Mama Monday #45

Theme: Acceptance

Hi There! Gonna make this short and sweet, since I'm slowly recovering from my surgery and still not up for a long-winded post. But I do believe I'm the one who suggested "acceptance" as a theme to take on, so the least I could do is write something.

Ask me any other time of the year, under different circumstances (I.e. - not so self-absorbed in my own aches and pains) and I'm sure I'd write something entirely different. But, as it stands, I'll just tell you all about a certain challenge I've accepted to take on.

It's called Small Change and it's the brainchild of my friend Beth. She discusses the whole premise here, over at her ClubMom blog - Diary of a Playgroup Dropout.

Basically, she's calling on the large and wonderful power of the blogosphrere to come together and, individually, do what we can to help others - specifically, children. See, she's always wanted to contribute to charities revolving around children. But she never thought she, on her own, could do enough or had enough to give to make any sort of difference. Therefore, if we all band together to do whatever we can, then that in itself will be a significant help!

I've joined her "army", as have many, many others. Together we are going to tackle monthly challenges, report to and support each other on a regular basis, and, in short, make a difference.

Why not click on over and see if this is a challenge you're ready to accept as your own?

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